Various Artists – Kommerz Season 1: Anti Virus


Artist: Various Artists
Title: Kommerz Season 1: Anti Virus
Label: Kommerz Records
Format: 12″
Release Date: 05.02.2021

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It’s 2020, it’s virus season. For our first release on Kommerz Records we asked seven techno and house producers, we admire, to contribute six songs to listen to at home, rather than on the dance floor (as those are closed down up to this day). The result are six jazzy downtempo songs by DJ Piper of techno’s most hyped live act Fjaak, Glenn Astro & Hodini, Cuthead, O-Wells aka Orson Wells, Manuel Fischer and Qnete. Holla @ our first compilation “Kommerz Season 1: Anti-Virus”. “Kommerz Season” will be an ongoing compilation series, which we consider as one core of the label. We will use each season to showcase a new and unexpected take on beat making and instrumental music.

“Kommerz Season” pays respect to the producers behind the music. “Kommerz Season 1: Anti-Virus” was a spontaneous idea (as we didn’t expect any of this Corona madness). Since we knew many techno and house producers share our love for instrumental hip-hop and downtempo music (while being stuck at home, too) we started to ask around friends and friends of friends. The tracks contributed by this deluxe cast speak for themselves. on our label’s very first release.

Being aware this record features an all male and all white line-up we acknowledge our responsibility as a record label to work towards diversity in music. Our future discography can be held proof for that. Right now we’re working on “Kommerz Season 2” featuring a diverse, 100% womxn line-up. Additionally, we’re donating 10% of our benefits from “Season 1” to “No Shade”, a Berlin-based collective running club nights and DJ training programs for female, nonbinary and trans DJs with a strong focus on racial diversity.