V/A – Enjoy yout Cuppa Vol.2


Label: quintessentials
Format: 12″
Release Date: 11.09.2020

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A1: Saine – Love music
A1: Saine – Love music
B1: Jank – All be free
B2: Decent Rides – Low grav

Compilations are part of the concept at Quintessentials. We love putting together bits and pieces from all over the world and give new and established artists a plattform. “Enjoy our cuppa” Vol. 2 is a delicious blend for sure – two new artists, two Quintessentials buddies, four great tracks! Starting off with our man from Helsinki, Saine, and his “love music” – the title says it all! A track that can be played anywhere anytime. Moving on to another good old friend, Andy Ash. Andy has been around for many years, releasing on labels like Delusions of Grandeur and Stilove4music. “Bread” has a rough yet smooth bleepy edge and a nice old school flair. The flipside presents two new faces, Jank and Decent Rides. Japanese artist Jank is like one of these hidden gems! He alredy released on City Fly, Boogie Cafe and Mysterious Works and we are delighted to present that suuuuuuper deeeeep track “All be free”! Lost but by no means least are Decent Rides, 2 young lads from Bavaria mixing up different styles in “Low grav” perfectly. We’re sure you will enjoy your cuppa!