Tyler Friedman – ccc bb bbb jj


Artist: Tyler Friedman
Title: ccc: bb: bbb: jj
Label: Kontra Musik
Format: 2LP – 12″
Release Date: 20.10.2015

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Tyler Friedman returns to Kontra-Musik with a series of immersive wax maelstroms, adorned with the mind-melting artwork of Rafaela Drazic. Every track on CCC: BB: BBB: JJ is a controlled experiment in lysergic dance music; an examination of how far you can warp the constitutive elements of techno without loosing it’s essential spine. The result is four evolutionary techno suites full of movement and life that make your brain move just as vigorously as your body. As the personal work of a composer creating soundtracks for artist projects – most notably as a long-term collaborator of The Otolith Group, the filmmaker collective spearheaded by pioneering Afrofuturist theorist Kodwo Eshun – CCC: BB: BBB: JJ sums up everything Kontra-Musik is about: dancefloor celebrations challenging the boundaries of expectation and genre.