The Mutual Torture – Don’t


Artist: The Mutual Torture
Title: Don’t (LP)
Label: non standard productions
Format: LP
Release Date: 06.05.2022

Hay existencias


The Mutual Torture pay homage to many of their music heroes from the early 80es. Consequently, their modus operandi is deeply rooted in Post Punk paranoia, alien soundtracks, improvisation, and simulation. Their outcome is coolness that’s glowing cold under the red sun, structure and order, and 12 transcendental messages. In the end, there are no more heroes left but just The Mutual Torture.

This band of non-standard humans appears with a conceptual approach to transforming the energy and the boldness of a genre which is known for its pioneering spirit, overwhelming playfulness and a strong desire to experiment. The Mutual Torture are soulmates of those who formed this genre: a German-Chilean band with an attitude and a plan to tour their album live. In particular: Tobias Freund (drum computers and electronics), André Schöne (bass), and Javiera González (vibrantly morphing vocals).