Nachtbraker – Bay Be Blu


Artist: Nachtbraker
Title: Bay Be Blu
Label: Nachtbraker
Format: 12″
Release Date: 06.11.2020

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Four new original songs from Nachtbraker with intricate percussion and melodic arrangements. Diving deep into Nachtbraker’s wicked mind, each tune has a healthy dose of weirdness.

Title track “Bay Be Blu” tickles the endorphin receptors with its euphoric melodies and ‘Stranger Things’ atmospheres. The second track leans on soothing warm synths gliding over a dub bass with tight drums. In addition, attentive listeners will hear Nachtbraker’s personal field recordings on the beaches of Barceloneta. When the record is flipped one finds herself in “Tangelo Dreams”, a mid 90’s, Pacific Records inspired jam with a driving baseline.

Rounding off the record is “Drip”, a track drenched in unconventionalism and oddities.