LeSale – Synchronized EP


Artist: LeSale
Title: Synchronized EP ( handstamped vinyl,cover sticker)
Label: Luv Shack Records
Format: 12″
Release Date: 25.03.2022

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LeSale is back with the Synchronized EP, which marks his fifth solo EP on Luv Shack Records.

The title track is LeSale´s first foray into boogie-funk, featuring lyrics and vocals by Kathy Diamond, one of the great voices of the early nu-disco era and former singer of the duo KDMS, as well as tape mixing by vienna based studio wizard Sam Irl. “Synchronized” comes in 4 versions; the classic vocal mix featuring the full vocals by Kathy Diamond, the instrumental mix which is stripped of the vocals entirely, the extended dub mix, featuring arrangement and additional overdubs by Sam Irl, concentrating on the bare,funky essence of the track and finally a special remix by Ooft!.

The Ooft! remix lays a club foundation for “Synchronized”, taking it to proto house territory with a sparse use of original vocals and additional drums, synth leads and pads.

As a bonus original track, we get “Superfluid”, an upbeat elektro-funk journey with the right amount of quirkiness to provide a contrast to the pop appeal of “Synchronized”.