Jabberwocky – Feeling Dancing Tempo


Artist: Jabberwocky
Title: Feeling Dancing Tempo (2LP,DL)
Label: Fait-Maison – Grand Musique Management
Format: 2LP
Release Date: 27.08.2021

Hay existencias



French electronic trio Jabberwocky are back with bangers. After 2 albums released on Polydor/Universal Music, 4 years of touring, and millions of views on streaming platforms and Youtube, the group of long time friends independently released a series of EPs with italodisco and 80’s clubs high energy influences. The producers are now imposing their italo-disco shift by announcing a new album to come in June 2021. “Feeling Dancing Tempo” is saturated with powerful beats and analog sounds inspired by space music and guaranteed to make you dance.

Vital Sales Points:

Named after a Lewis Carroll poem and consisting of three friends in Camille Camara (piano conservatoire), Emmanuel Bretou (self-taught guitar and bass), and Simon Pasquer (sampling and MAO), there’s a wonderfully organic sense of chemistry between each member. Best known for their hit single “Photomaton”, Jabberwocky are now looking to evolve past their previous sounds into wholly new territory.

Equally inspired by sci-fi films, Italodisco, and Salvador Dali, there’s multidimensional layers to Jabberwocky’s music that reveals new details with every listen. They’ve also been influenced by the energy accrued from years of touring alongside a recent move to Paris that’s engulfed them in the city’s long-standing culture.