Gogan – Mumbling and Muttering EP


Artist: Gogan
Title: Mumbling and Muttering EP (vinyl only)
Label: Kooky Music
Format: 12″
Release Date: 11.02.2022

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Early support from Crihan, Cosmjn, Silat Beksi, Lizz and more.

For the third vinyl-only release, we are more than happy to host Kooky music’s head honcho, Gogan. This time on the EP you’ll find 4 tracks filled with loads of deep basselines and catchy grooves, dark touch and the overwhelming air of glitchy atmosphere. All the elements that are so characteristic for the Polish producer are still there, but there is also progress, the significant mark of development and challenge. Gogan is on a mission to search for his unique style, and he is searching for it in an intelligent way. Yet, he never loses the dancefloor factor from his radar, all the tracks are tailored to be played in clubs and to make people move. The rhythm patterns create a certain discipline, but clever melodies bring comfort to a listener, Such a powerful mixture should be enough to improve the atmosphere of many clubs all over the world.