gAs vs Lino Pugliese – Split EP


Artist: gAs VS Lino Pugliese
Title: Split EP
Label: Cadenza
Format: 12″
Release Date: 27.07.2015

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Cadenza Records displays a deft touch in showcasing new talent, just as much as it leans on its core of established producers. The ‘Split’ EP shines a bright light on the musical endeavors of Enrico Gasperini AKA gAs, and fellow Italian, Lino Pugliese.

One side of vinyl each, and gAs opens upside A with ‘Rack Attack’, its woody hits and scattering hi-hats holding a solid groove whilst gentle keys entwine a melodic touch with a stuttering synth riff that’s designed to circulate around the brain. Splashes of cymbals and white noise provide the important drama as the track rises to a crescendo. Enrico’s second contribution, ‘Agogo’, keeps up the ante with another slice of exquisite house grooves.

The inner-city street ambience opening gives way to an undeniably funky rhythm track, incessant spongy stabs and frenzied percussion that makes this one a sure-fire winner.

Over on Side B, Lino Pugliese gets to flex his sonic palette after recent releases on Cadenza Lab and Memento. ‘Banging On Your Door’ takes its time to unfurl; a percussive swing not too dissimilar to the Stones’ ‘Sympathy For The Devil’ sets the tone magnificently, as low frequency synth sweeps and distant vocal effects build, the kick drum jolting the track into life with bursts of furry snares and handclaps. More ambient soaked business on ‘Aniwama’ as Lino forges melodious piano and clanging ride cymbals with low end sonics as the track deconstructs as quickly as it builds, tearing up the arrangement rule books to create a unique cut that can perform as a mood-setting piece just as well as a peak time genre-shifter.