Frink – Fresco EP


Artist: Frink
Title: Fresco EP (2 VINYL ONLY TRACKS)
Format: 12″
Release Date: 24.09.2021

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Always associated with quality underground vibes, the ever-impressive Bondage-Music delivers more of the good stuff, from label favorite Frink.

The title track “Perseus” (with James Dexter) is a wonderful head down groover, with its subtly dubby flavored groove, and plenty of swagger, this spacious groove merges yesteryear with a fresh essence effortlessly. “Fresco” is next up, and it feels like fresh air blowing gently across your face, as this bright and punchy workout unleashes its summer sounds yet retaining a deep slant throughout.

We get serious a “Calama” goes deep, and locks you in to is mystic flavors, while a punchy and crisp set of beats encase the flavours.

It’s time to loosen those hips for the closing track “Púrpura”, as we slinkily enjoy this housy smiley inducer, fusing deep vibes with a wonderful glow.