Freaks – Let’s do it Again Part.3 (Villalobos, Martinez, TCK)


Artist: Freaks
Title: let’s do it again part 3(villalobos/martinez/tck)
Label: music for freaks
Format: 12″
Release Date: 16.08.2019

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2019 marks the year that Music for Freaks has officially been running for over 20 whole years. Two decades of topsy turvy, downright Freakish behaviour. How the hell did that happen?

So, what better time to delve deep into the labels vaults again and uncover more of its hidden treasures. Back in 2015, we approached some of today’s most discerning producers, those who truly “get” the label’s ethos from old, to let them loose on tracks old and new. It brought to the fore the “Freaks – Let’s Do It Again” series of releases and we’re super chuffed to bring you the 3rd in the series to kick off the label’s 20th anniversary celebrations; a new collaboration with likeminded artists and we think you’ll agree it’s another testament to the divergent & insouciant house music that has always been the beating heart of this label.

First up, we welcome back the Chilean anti-hero Ricardo Villalobos.

When we sent Ricardo the parts to the Freaks album, “The Man Who Lived Underground” a few years ago, he sent back 5 interpretations which blew our collective minds. This is the 3rd of his journeys. Edited by head Freak, Justin Harris, it delivers a tripped out, discordant tech mix of the Freaks track, ‘He’s Angry’ and is a wonderfully warped and highly hypnotic jam, that drives deep down into the subconscious.

The 20th anniversary wouldn’t feel right without some brand spanking new music from Freaks themselves. This track was properly hidden in the Freaks DAT vaults from the 1990’s and Justin & Luke have dusted it off, mixed it down and “Unbeknown To Us” will finally see the light of day. It’s safe to say Freaks have always had a timeless feel to their music and this track, despite being 20 years old as an original production, is no exception.

Next up, The Martinez Brothers make their MFF debut and to say we’re chuffed to be releasing this one after 3 years of it being in the vault, is a huge understatement. There’s nothing but good vibes, cranked to eleven, on this cut and the brothers have cooked up a true rip snorting tech house remix of “Time”, that will charm the roof off any selfrespecting club or festival tent.

And last but by no means least, fellow previous collaborators on Let’s Do It Again, Part 1, Gerd Jansen and Phillip Lauer, aka Tuff City Kids, have graced us with another superb remix of a firm Freaks favourite from back in the day, “Turning Orange”. The duo have whipped up an excellent stripped 808, electro-hop mix with low slung electro beats, minor key atmospherics and nostalgic 80s vocal pitch-shifts. Villalobos, Martinez Brothers, Tuff City Kidz and Freaks all on the same record? This is the type of house music madness that dreams are made of.

A fitting start to the celebrations – we reckon you’ll agree!