Fausto Messina – Pica Pica


Artist: Fausto Messina
Title: Pica Pica
Label: Cadenza
Format: 12″
Release Date: 09.02.2018

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Fausto Messina is a veteran dj and producer from Treviso, a small town on the plain between the Gulf of Venice and the Alps. Fausto has been releasing music for more than 10 years and “Pica Pica” is his debut E.P. on Cadenza.

In the track named “Pica Pica” a recurrent evocative voluminous chord is convoyed by a classy powerful kick drum and an organic symphony of fluffy percussions and metallic bonks, with a triumphant layer of dense whistles and shimmering cymbals.

The extremely intense vibrant rhythms of “Idiophono” contrast with the gentle reverberating harmonies of an ensemble of struck idiophones, angelically flowing in the background of the track.

The smooth magnetic flux of “Planets Ballet” concludes the E.P. with high style. This jacky stride over a stack of steamy synthesisers and bubbly bleeps is a golden tune for a quivering late-night dancefloor.