Edward – Time Stretch


Artist: Edward
Title: Time Stretch
Label: Die Orakel
Format: 12″
Release Date: 04.03.2022

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Die Orakel longtime collaborator Edward gracefully reappears with a 3 tracks emission called Time Stretch. Edward’s appliance of the titular technique is not restricted to various sonic elements at all, as it extends to the tracks’ mental notes and their trajectories beyond the digital realm.

Time Stretch fills the entire side A with vibrant sonic elements, a warm bassline along an eerie pad, all on top of a straight and punchy bass drum. La Grotta’s signature melody, plus chirps and cowbells, inject a slight touch of exotica to the musical meta-data, while time stretch artefacts refer to a befittingly themed EP. Finally, the undercurrents of Black Sea evolve along a modulated melodic pad, a pulsating bass and beat structure, and a light 90s IDM morse figure on top of frequency sweeps.