Edward – Memory Motions EP


Artist: Edward
Title: Memory Motions EP
Label: Trelik
Format: 12″
Release Date: 27.05.2022

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Mystical dreamweaver Edward has previously brought out some of his classiest club-tooled gear for Trelik, with 2018’s Rumours EP being a particular highlight in his glittering career in minimal. Breaking a protracted silence for Baby Ford’s label, this new three-tracker once more takes us into the unique atmospheric zone Edward occupies with his productions. ‘The Giver’ has an unnerving, desolate quality but it’s also rock-solid in the rhythm department, with subtle threads of warmth to balance out the eeriness. ‘Memory Motions’ is a spicier cut with a pronounced house jack to propel a tense set of sonic motifs, with a special mention to the wobbly organ-like chord line. ‘Tuned’ is the most upfront of all the tracks, using some processed piano hooks and a full complement of nagging, funkified ingredients to make a certified, if left-of-centre, party starter.