CVSO – Basic Cuts


Artist: CVSO
Title: Basic Cuts (180G)
Label: Cheezy Crust Records
Format: 12″
Release Date: 06.11.2020

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So here we are with another first – the next vinyl debut on Cheezy Crust Records as well as the first ever release for the two-piece project that is CVSO which is their “Basic Cuts EP”.

Comprised of Mainz / Germany-based producers Mint Huus who made his solo debut on Cheezy Crust in 2019 and Get In Touch head honcho Willberg their joint venture project CVSO caters a total of four tracks on limited to 200 copies 12” vinyl, all aptly named after their individual placement and position on the actual record itself.

Mastered by electronic music legend and pioneer Thomas P. Heckmann the trademark sound of CVSO presented on this EP is informed by classic early to mid-90s Techno and Intelligent

Techno vibes with its ever-evolving flow and stripped-down aesthetic which fuses subtle harmonic changes, spatial meanderings within the stereo field as well as a hypnotic, time-dissolving attitude for heavy dancefloor abuse.

This said, CVSO are aiming for nothing less than their introduction to the ivy league of Techno with these „Basic Cuts“, providing classy, absolutely timeless and expertly assembled DJ tools which are aiming to perfectly blend in with and match the vibe of all those now classic tunes that have never left a DJs bag for a quarter of a century or more, even though CVSO are tackling their sound design and production approach with a modern contemporary twist.