Charlotte de Witte – Weltschmerz


Artist: Charlotte de Witte
Title: Weltschmerz (2022 Repress, Black marbled Vinyl)
Label: turbo recordings
Format: 12″
Release Date: 29.04.2022


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“Lead track ‘Weltschmerz’ is a Berghain classic; dark, massive, trippy, and with an emotional character all too rare within the genre. The kicks are banging, the verbed out percussion is fierce, and it all moves around a haunting melodic breakdown that artfully dances on the right side of ‘progressive.’ It’s a killer track that perfectly sets the tone for the whole record.

‘Damage Control’ is a straightforward flex-a-thon, a housier rhythm that struts along confidently. The technical term is ‘floor-filler.’ ‘Lonesome’ brings the emotion back, with it’s super-tense, unresolved melodies, this is perfect for all your mega-club yearning & gurning needs. ‘Relatives of None’ is the nastiest of the bunch, and probably the most at home on Turbo, built around a screechy synth hook. Finally, ’Weltschmerz (Melodic Theme)’ provides an epic ambient outro, crystallizing the emotional tones of the EP and establishing a sense of artistic vision that ascends well beyond the pedestrian.”