ALMA – Mother (Avidus, Definition Remix)


Artist: ALMA
Title: Mother (Avidus, Definition Remix)
Label: Definition:Music
Format: 12″
Release Date: 18.03.2022

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Following up to their acclaimed “Hold” EP from last year, German duo Alma reemerge on Definition with their new transmission, “Mother”. Through four cuts dropping anchor down the most remote nooks of our dance-friendly galaxy, Alma moves the cursor from proper floor-focused 4×4 grooves to kosmische-informed pop excursions with dextrous style and seamless elegance. Crafting their own blend of emotionally whelming club music, it’s material primed for extended use whether you are sitting on some high-rise, towering rooftops at sunrise or enjoying a freezedried cocktail on Alpha Centauri. Presented in both original version and remix form courtesy of label head Definition himself, title-track “Mother” is the epitome of a slo-burner, rolling at low speed but gaining tension, weight and impactfulness as it runs. Circuits sizzling and piano stabs blazing, Alma dish out a compelling sample of their crossdimensional wares, sure to take any dancefloor in the zone without further ado. Definition’s Remix revamp trades the original’s steady swing for a further syncopated, newbeat-infected swagger, laying further emphasis on the synth leads and lashing drumwork as poetic, bleached-out pads keep painting the sky all shades of pastel. A more Italoinflected affair at first, the tear-jerking “Lost In The Stars” has us gliding in a parallel universe of its own, where epicsized synth combers and muscular bass onslaughts avalanche over brittle lines of soft-tongued vocals. As concretely submerging as it is designed to trigger off deep emotional response from the ravers, this one is tailored to weave instant communion between the jockey and his audience. Flinging in the breaks and cross-cutting delays, Kiel outfit Avidus shift the angle of approach towards harder, faster EBM firepower, binding their rowdy, FX-soaked chords with the chorus to create a wholly distinct dancing and listening experience.