Akiko Kiyama – Deviation


Artist: akiko kiyama
Title: deviation
Label: nervmusic records
Format: 2LP
Release Date: 06.10.2014

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The new album by Akiko Kiyama. The story of “Deviation” begins with “My Day” and “Erasers Talk” a classical show for Akiko; with deep and enveloped base; ideally accurate percussions on the trippy background of strings covered with the fog of delays and reverbs. Straight after that appears “Gabriel” – a touching minimalistic allegory on tango with the shivering fans of shakers and the polyphonic accords of an invisible piano.

The second record plate includes “Nothing’s Left Besides Iron And Chef” – a bouncing construction of ragged rhythms and crunchy hi-hats. It is also an interpretation of the track “You Are Pinocchio”, which was released on Nervmusic Records previously with the single “If I Had a Pair of Shoes” powered by such remixers as Benjamin Fehr, Alka Rex, Laurine Frost and Alexkid.